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Manatee Tours
Swim w/ Manatees in Crystal River

Our Crystal River Manatee Tours and Manatee Swims are for families and people of all ages. Your Manatee Tour will include a Manatee Swim, Manatee Photo Op's and much more. Our Crystal River Manatee Tours...

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Manatee Photo Gallery
Manatee Swim Tour Photos

Our Crystal River Manatee Tours allow you to not only Swim with the Manatees but also to take some amazing, up-close Manatee Photos in the Manatee's natural habitats. Our Manatee Photo Gallery is a great example...


Boat Tours/Rentals
Airboat Tours, Rentals, Scalloping

Manatee Connection also offers one-of-a-kind Airboat Tours in the Crystal River area as well as Scalloping adventures, Crystal River Boat Rentals and more. Manatee Connection is your Manatee Swim Tour destination....


Manatee F.A.Q.s and Manatee Manners Video Presentation
We strongly advocate in providing Manatee Education along with our Manatee Tours and Manatee Swims...

Here you will learn all about Manatees, Manatee Interaction Rules and Laws, Manatee Etiquette, Manatee Manners & More. We will be observing Manatees in their natural habitats and we must do this in a respectful nature to keep the Manatees safe...

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